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I AM AN INCOMPLETE PARAGRAPH - printable pdf/png files

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An endless text following an infinite custom-made pattern. 

Inspired by the age of information and the shape of the device which we believe is the source or guide of all truth, the following text is aware that it is incomplete (hence it’s title: an incomplete paragraph) as it is being constantly built, constructed, as new words appear in front or behind it. All texts are incomplete; even if they pretend not to. The text acknowledges it cannot perceive truth, because truth only happens when it happens; a moment which has already passed or is just passing by. The truth surrounding us may be similar: A glimpse of an instant.

Written by Allis Fiction:

"I am an incomplete paragraph. I can express, using these tools, all that there is to express; and yet, I shall remain incomplete. I can believe that I withhold all the information that is available. I can re late, using different combinations of words, all the different stories from this and other universes, told from many diverse points of view, and that will not change the fact that I am incomplete. And it is not because I don't have enough space or memory but rather because nothing -no one -is able to perceive me entirely: I can be seen only in this moment, here, but I cannot be seen here and somewhere else simultaneously. Once your gaze sets upon the following sentence, whatever happened in the previous one remains only as a memory, a point of reference, an introduction whose only purpose is to serve the following sentence; each word being only a vehicle to guide itself to the following one, not necessarily expressing something as a whole but rather giving way for each word to appear in front of the following one and create an illusion that something else is being said in here besides nothing."

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"I AM AN INCOMPLETE PARAGRAPH" was handwritten with indeleble ink on 11x17" paper and then scanned to be distributed and printed worldwide on LEGAL sized paper

  • Ready-to-print .pdf for LEGAL sized paper 8X14.5" at 600dpi
  • .png at 600 DPI to print on any or larger surface
  • .pdf pattern to write your own texts (Legal Size)

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