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An endless text following an infinite custom-made pattern. 

The text is exploring the contradiction of being an object that is unable to change, while at the same time, being perceived always differently, on different spaces, times and by different audiences or by the same audiences at different times and spaces. How can this be? A reflection about the inevitable and constant change within and around us.

Written by Allis Fiction:

" I am, however, able (and willing) to believe I am beautiful; and because beauty lies within the eyes of whoever believes something is beautiful there is no way to contradict this sentence: I am beauty. I am beautiful. I have all the necessary components that make anything beautiful. I resemble the sunset, a teardrop, a building, a fly, an expression, a written sentence, time, love, sin, affection, contrast, hate, fear, attraction, impossible paragraphs meeting or joining together to form a unity; a beautiful and purposeless beauty which -by the way- is also unique. Not unique because it can't be replicated (this may actually be a replica), but unique because each time it is perceived, repeated or not, it is perceived differently: be it because time passed, or the surrounding environment changed, or the eyes and mind set up on it have also evolved and changed. There is no method for looking at the same thing twice. It is impossible to repeat an experience. it can be measured; yes. An outcome predicted, too. But the experience, any experience, occurs only once, because the mind passing over anything constantly changes and moves forward, just as this sentence here keeps moving along"

Read the full text here

"I CANNOT CONTEMPLATE MYSELF FROM THE OUTSIDE" was handwritten with indeleble ink on 11x17" paper and then scanned to be distributed and printed worldwide.

  • Ready-to-print .pdfs for 16x20" and 11x17" frames
  • .png at 600 DPI to print on any or larger surface
  • .pdf pattern to write your own texts

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  • PDF (7MB)

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