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MUST I HAVE A PURPOSE? - printable files (pdf / png)

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An endless text following an infinite custom-made pattern, exploring the notion of purpose for a being that is constantly moving forward

Written by Allis Fiction:

"do we need to understand each other every time that a word is pronounced or followed? Can't we simply keep each other company for a brief moment of space and time? So if we need to distract ourselves by thinking that there is another purpose for the present moment than to continue moving forward, we can certainly entertain ourselves with this idea, as we circle along the available space for another brief moment, and this is how the end ceases to exist as a place or situation; whenever the composition stops intentionally. The composition is not responsible for providing an answer or an alternative to an answer, because its task remains mainly to place the words -on top of the page, inside your mind -needed to remain along the path that was set upon us and that now binds us together while the composition persists, progressing, along the available space, placing each word in such a way as to allow the text to move along, letting the sentences become part of many different compositions, requiring an effort to remain moving forward across the page, changing its colours and reducing the possibilities of any other text to remain expressing nothing. And given that I can only remain as a text on top of the line, is it possible for me to end? could I simply stop? Am I able to? Or must I find myself? If I stop, will I be remembered? And what if I want to choose to be forgotten? Then, what can the purpose of this composition be? Is it to simply move forward? Is it to find subreptitious available spaces that are formed alongside the available voids? Must I have a purpose just because I am being written?"

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"Must I have a Purpose?" was handwritten and then scanned to be distributed and printed worldwide.

  • Ready-to-print .pdfs for 16x20" and 11x17" frames
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  • .pdf pattern to write your own text.

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