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How to write texts following unconventional patterns or layouts
THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE.Allis Fiction readers receive weekly copies of patterns and texts by email. They can use these patterns to write their own texts. If you are not yet a reader, subscribe hereHOW TO WRITE TEXTS U...
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How to download free images at
If you are an Allis Fiction reader you will receive reminders of available .pdf files you can download for free at follow these instructions to access your files:1. Select "DOWNLOAD NOW"2. A window will pop-up. Add the email addres...
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Size Guide, or how to print Allis Fiction texts
The images we provide are high-resolution .pdf files ready to print on either 11x17 or 16x20 inch white paper.Because the texts were originally handwritten on 11x17 inch paper, enlarging them would deteriorate their quality. For best results, we have...
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If I was to write about myself I would rather let the Algorithm do it for me. The Algorithm knows better who I am, what I am doing, where I have been, who is it that I interact with and who shall I become. It also writes with better style… and a much...
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What if we were to read differently?
When we read, our eyes go back and forth constantly, breaking visually at the end of each line; just as we do here. Our brain is forced to pause one line at a time and to interpret words (reality, maybe) as this constant stream of words bound by thes...
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