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Size Guide, or how to print Allis Fiction texts

The images we provide are high-resolution .pdf files ready to print on either 11x17 or 16x20 inch white paper.

Because the texts were originally handwritten on 11x17 inch paper, enlarging them would deteriorate their quality. For best results, we have made it easy for you to print and frame your files while keeping intact the proportion from the original image.

If you find these instructions challenging, you can always request a printed copy delivered to your door on our store at Society6 (please CLICK HERE TO GO THERE) or contacting us here

Please note that 11x17 inch files can be printed on most office supply and printing service providers. We know it as "tabloid" too.

16x20 inch is a standard size; however, this may require a larger printing service or plotter rather than a regular office supply store.

Here's our recommendations for printing and framing, according to your needs and availaibe printing providers in your area:

11x17 inch .pdf file image mounted on 11x17 inch frame:

This is the most affordable and simple solution. It requires only to print the 11x17 inch .pdf file image on tabloid (11x17 inch) sized paper and frame it directly on an 11x17 inch frame.

Here's a sample of how it would look:

image sample

While this may look good with some images, others may look nicer on larger frames that give more space around the edges, such as this one:

If you wish to hang a larger image on your wall, you will need a 16x20 inch frame, where you can mount your piece WITH OR WITHOUT A MAT, according to the following instructions:


Use the 16x20 inch .pdf image to print it on 16x20 paper and mount it on a 16x20 inch frame. Easy!

The file we provide is formatted to fit a 16x20 print, as displayed below:


For this option, you can use either the 11x17 or 16x20 .pdf file, but the mat size would need to be adjusted according to the following scenarios (depends on the artwork purchased)

1. For images that cover the entire 11x17 space (like the one immediately above)

Most 16x20 inch commercial frames include a 10x14 inch mat; however, using this mat would hide parts of the artwork.

For this use case, you will need to purchase a custom mat sized 16x20 on the outside with a 10.5x16.5 inch sized window. Print the image on either size and glue it to the back of your mat.

The effect will be similar to the following:

2. For images that do not cover the entire 11x17 space, like the following one:

In this case, you may be able to use a standard 10x14 inch mat (usually included with your 16x20 inch frame).

Simply print the file on either size and frame it using the provided mat, by gluing the edges to the back of the mat

We hope that you find this instructions helpful and useful.

Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us