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What if we were to read differently?


When we read, our eyes go back and forth constantly, breaking visually at the end of each line; just as we do here. Our brain is forced to pause one line at a time and to interpret words (reality, maybe) as this constant stream of words bound by these visual pauses. On the other hand, these visual pauses are completely arbitrary. They are confined according to the size of the screen you are using or the size of the page that the publisher chose.

What would happen if we were able to read a stream of words without pause? Is this possible? How would our brain function if we were able to read without visual breaks? Would we be able to dig deeper into the consciousness of our writings? Would we become more tired, simply because we are unable to retain an attention span for longer than 10 or 11 words? Would we have better understanding of concepts? Or worse?

I read Allis Fiction’s texts wondering if anyone, somehow, will be able to question this fact that we take for granted: that we read (and write) persistently pausing, and that we are unable to know how would our brains react if we were to read without stopping repeatedly.

I picture a highway where cars are stopping every hundred meters. How fast would cars go if they were able to forget about the stop signs? Would it be possible for them to start making sudden turns? Take better routes leading to the same destinations? Would they enter a speed zone where words flow without boundaries? Would it lead to madness? Or Sanity?