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Calligram: An endless text following an infinite custom-made pattern. 

Words can have many ways to be interpreted, understood, followed. The text acknowledges this fact and wishes, mostly, to be read, once again; simply because each time it is read, it becomes alive; it never dies. Here it is again, an intention to help it become immortal, being read once more.

Written by Allis Fiction:

"Oh, how I wish I could believe in some sort of higher energy, a power beyond myself, able to modify my course of action at will; for I would be able to cease placing these words one after the other, and the sentences will continue to exist. Unfortunately, I cannot simply believe that something beyond myself will place these words for me. I am the only being here, providing these sentences. It is possible -I must acknowledge - that the words are being somehow suggested to me by some other being; one that is able to place itself on top of my mind or within my ideas and guide my thoughts towards expressing these sentences, here, instead of others, thus constraining and using me to create this precise combination of words that otherwise may not be able to exist and therefore they may have never pronounced and expressed: These ideas in this exact shape and form. Is there any substantial difference if these words originated in my mind or in someone or something else’s? Are they more relevant, significant, important, relatable, true, just because they come from another source? And why should that other source be trusted? why shall I be trusted? why shall any combination of characters be trusted, truthfully followed? They are just combinations of strokes and sounds trying to convey meaning, but their meaning must necessarily be the same for everyone, everywhere. The sound of this word: rag -or exaptation if you prefer -may signify entirely different things when pronounced by a different subject or in a different language. A curse, here, may actually be a blessing, there; and who is it to say with total certainty that it is one or the other? How should we treat each word when we cannot know what it means in all different positions or places within the different circumstances? How can you trust what I really mean when I express you are beautiful, shiny like the morning star, inconceivable like the bottom of the ocean, clean finished? You cannot trust my words, regardless if they are written with the best or worst of intentions, because my words have infinite ways to be understood, and therefore, by being meaningful, they become meaningless: Meaningless because they are unable to provide certainty, no matter where they tend to or what is their intention. They will always be partial, incomplete, broken. And it is impossible to trust a broken sentence."

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"A METAPHYSICAL ENTITY OR AN EPHEMERAL COMPOSITION" was handwritten with indeleble ink on 11x17" paper and then scanned to be distributed and printed worldwide on LEGAL sized paper

  • Ready-to-print .pdf for TABLOID and 16x20" sized paper at 300dpi
  • .png at 300 DPI to print on any or larger surface
  • .pdf pattern to write your own texts (Legal Size)

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  • PDF (8MB)
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  • PNG (4MB)

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