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AMAZE ONE - Digital ready-to-print files

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AMAZE ONE - Written by Allis Fiction:

"Begin by deciding to follow this path or this colour and simply run along the composition comfortably ignoring that at some point in the composition there will be opportunities to follow paths, sets of rules and procedures to remain as part of the conversation, not alone but blindly moving forward knowing that the only purpose of the line is to move forward and sometimes decide to exchange colours knowing that the only way to move is forward surrounded by choices and unexpected endings, twists in the plot and turns in the composition; and as I am approaching my own ending I decide not to ask and give instead in."

"AMAZE ONE" is a single line of text in the shape of a maze, with a single beginning and multiple endings. Can you finish reading it?

Intended to be held physically in order to read it.

It is handwritten following a custom-made layout and then scanned to be distributed and printed worldwide.

This purchase includes the following high-res digital copies.

2 (two) Ready-to-Print files (for 11x17 and 16x20 inch frames)

1 (one) Ready-to-Print Layout in 11x17 inches for you to write your own texts
1 (one) Transcription of the full text

Print it and frame it yourself!
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (4MB)
  • PNG (11MB)
  • PDF (4MB)
  • PNG (11MB)

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