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What is a line? - Digital ready-to-print files

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By Allis Fiction:
"...because I believe I am an independent inside this space; and yet, I remain constrained by its shape and form, which forces me to switch directions in order to move forward. Otherwise, I would have ended by now, but I should have a purpose, then, for being able to occupy the space within this text. What can my purpose possibly be? Is it to be another independent phrase?..."

"What is a Line" is comprised of three different paragraphs, two of them infinite and one of them with a defined starting and ending point. The text is a reflection about the definition and purpose of a line inside a text. Intended to be held physically in order to read it.

It is handwritten following a custom-made layout and then scanned to be distributed and printed worldwide.

This purchase includes the following high-res digital copies.

2 (two) Ready-to-Print files (fits 14x14 inch frame on pdf and png formats)

1 (one) Ready-to-Print Layout in 11x17 inches for you to write your own texts
1 (one) Transcription of the full text

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